Graduation 2019

Our 2019 graduation was held this week. It was a happy occasion and the culmination of many hours of work. Below are links to articles about some of our students who graduated this year.

Sweet Tooth Leads to Passion for Astronomy

Who would have thought that Cadbury Astros sweets could spark a love of astronomy? But it did for Ms Denisha Pillay and eventually led to her graduating with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree cum laude, majoring in Mathematics and Astronomy.

Pillay’s passion for astronomy began after she started collecting astronomy trivia printed on boxes of her favourite candy – Astros, sparking curiosity about the universe. Read More

MSc Research Contributes to Ground-Breaking Radio Telescope

Mr Kabelo Kesebonye of Botswana graduated with an MSc in Applied Mathematics from UKZN’s School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science for work done on the HIRAX radio astronomy project.

‘Kabelo was the first student on the HIRAX experiment to receive his postgraduate degree,’ said his supervisor, Dr Cynthia Chiang. Read More

Multiple Scholarship Recipient Maintains Winning Streak

For those who know him, it came as no surprise when multiple scholarship winner, Mr Dhaneshwar Dalian Sunder, graduated with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Applied Mathematics summa cum laude. Despite taking an additional module, Sunder still managed to bag eight Certificates of Merit for his degree! Read More

From Engineer to Astrophysicist

Mr Scott Eyono was fascinated with computers and technology from a young age and with his father being a professor of Computer Science, technological problem solving became almost a family hobby! Thus it is no surprise that the young Eyono is now a proud UKZN BScEng (Computer Engineering) graduate.

Arriving at UKZN fresh from high school at Highway College in Pinetown, Eyono enjoyed his studies in the School of Engineering. ‘My undergraduate degree prepared me mentally, physically and emotionally. Although demanding and difficult, it has made a big impact on my life and opportunities,’ he said.

Eyono became adept at solving problems – both scientific and technological – and this growing interest in the interaction between technology and science has now led him to postgraduate studies in Astrophysics. He has registered for an MSc degree, specialising in astrophysics and, in particular, radio telescopes. Read More

Lead Student on Radio Astronomy Experiment Awarded PhD

Lead student on the PRIZM radio telescope project Dr Liju Philip – who specialises in radio astronomy – graduated with a PhD in Physics from UKZN’s School of Chemistry and Physics.

PRIZM is a new radio astronomy telescope that has been installed on Marion Island, one of the most remote and radio-quiet locations in the world, to search for the birth of the first stars. Read More 

From Electrical Engineering Degree to Honours in Physics

With a National Diploma and BTech degree in Electrical Engineering from the Durban University of Technology already in the bag, Ms Tankiso Moso has now graduated from UKZN with a BSc Honours degree in Physics sponsored by the National Astrophysics and Space Science Programme (NASSP).

Moso’s research project focused on the PRIZM radio telescope, a new radio astronomy telescope on Marion Island in the southern Indian Ocean being used to search for the birth of the first stars.

‘Tankiso is setting an inspiring example for others to follow,’ said her supervisor, Dr. Cynthia Chiang. ‘In transitioning to NASSP astrophysics, she overcame the formidable challenge of teaching herself several years’ worth of physics material while taking on honours level classes. I’m delighted that she not only passed everything but also received a certificate of merit in her physics research project class for her excellent work on PRIZM.’ Read more

Ecstasy as Chevarra Sets New Record

Ms. Chevarra Hansraj was over the moon to learn that she got 93% for her MSc degree specialising in general relativity – the highest mark ever recorded for an MSc completed in one year in the College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science.

In line with her undergraduate and honours degrees, the former Eden College pupil was once again capped summa cum laude. Read More

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