Postgraduate Studies

A vital component of ACRU’s research programme is the training of postgraduate students, a number of which are supported by the South African SKA postgraduate bursary programme. Several of these students have won awards or had their work highlighted in the press.

Postgraduate research opportunities at MSc and PhD level are available in the following areas (see here for more details):

  • Cosmology including the cosmic microwave background
  • Large-scale structure and clusters of galaxies
  • Epoch of reionisation
  • Extragalactic Astronomy including galaxy formation and evolution
  • Relativistic Astrophysics including the study of compact objects

UKZN hosts a node of the National Astrophysics and Space Science Programme that is focused on training postgraduate students at the BSc Honours and the MSc level. For details of how to apply for NASSP at UKZN, see here. The deadline is usually 31 August each year.

Other sources of funding for postgraduate study at MSc and PhD levels include:

ACRU researchers have a global outlook, and are involved in many international research collaborations. We also have international bilateral research agreements with universities in the USA, United Kingdom, Spain, France and India. ACRU is home to a growing cohort of international students and postdoctoral researchers.

Interested students can contact the faculty members working in their area of interest (see our research pages) for more information.