Kesh Govinder

Room 465, H1 Block, Westville Campus
(031) 260 3021


  • BSc 1991 University of Natal,Durban
  • BSc (Hons) 1992 University of Natal, Durban
  • MSc 1993 University of Natal, Durban (with distinction)
    Dissertation – “Ermakov Systems: A Group Theoretic Approach”
    Awarded Hanno Rund Prize at Dynamical Systems and Chaos Workshop, Durban 1993.
  • PhD 1995 University of Natal, Durban
    Thesis – “Extensions and Generalisations of Lie Analysis”
    Received Henry Dyer Award for 1994

Research Interests

Analysis of solutions of ordinary and partial differential equations. Extensions and applications of group theory (including symmetry algebras), singularity analysis and dynamical systems analysis to mathematical physics (cosmology and relativistic astrophysics) and mathematical biology (epidemiology and cancer).