We Hosted a National Workshop for Young Scientists and Engineers

Academically excellent science and engineering undergraduate students from across the country descended upon Durban on Monday (2 July 2018) for a radio astronomy workshop, hosted by the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) and the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). The workshop aimed to showcase exciting developments in astronomy, to encourage these young students to pursue their Masters and PhD degrees in radio astronomy science or engineering. In doing so, the workshop sought to help address the low numbers of appropriately qualified radio astronomers, researchers and engineers in South Africa.

Due to the multifaceted nature of radio astronomy, the students that have attended the workshop are from a variety of fields including astronomy, engineering, physics, mathematics and computer science.

The workshop covered a wide range of astronomy topics including black holes, building telescopes radio astronomy and computing. Furthermore, students obtained a better understanding of professional astronomy by interacting with both renowned UKZN astronomers and UKZN astronomy PhD and Masters students. “This is an amazing opportunity for undergraduate students to learn more about astronomy. I’m particularly looking forward to learning more about instrumentation” said Miss Denisha Pillay, a third year UKZN astronomy student who holds an astronomy bursary from SARAO.

UKZN was selected to host the workshop because it has a large number of students studying astronomy degrees. Furthermore UKZN, in partnership with the National Research Foundation (NRF), SARAO, and the Department of Science and Technology, will be constructing a R70 million telescope named HIRAX, which will provide students with the opportunity to develop relevant skills, as well as to engage in important research.

“The workshop will assist in creating an interactive and collaborative community, of students, local researchers and the SARAO team. We are looking forward to an exciting informative event that highlights the importance of postgraduate studies in astronomy” says Dr Mthuthuzeli Zamxaka, Manager of Research Capacity Development, at SARAO.

SARAO is responsible for coordinating Africa’s involvement in the design and construction of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), and for the design, construction and commissioning of South Africa’s Karoo Array Radio Telescope (MeerKAT). In addition, SARAO is coordinating the African VLBI Network (AVN) efforts, and a human capital development programme. SARAO is a project of the Department of Science and Technology, administered by the National Research Foundation.