Contact & Committee

If you need invitation letter, please email your name and affiliation to our conference email. The invitation letter will be send to you within 2 days.

If you need an original copy of the letter, please indicate that in your email and we will post to you via express.

Scientific Advisory Committee (alphabetical):
  • Elcio Abdalla
  • Jailson Alcaniz
  • Rong-Gen Cai (chair)
  • Dimitry Gal’tsov
  • Yin-Zhe Ma
  • Roy Maartens
  • Jeff Murugan
  • Mohammad Sami
  • Alexei Starobinsky
  • Anzhong Wang
Local Organization committee:
  • Moumita Aich
  • Sergio Colafrancesco
  • Peter Dunsby
  • Matt Hilton
  • Yi-Chao Li
  • Yin-Zhe Ma (chair)
  • Sunil Maharaj
  • Jeff Murugan
  • Denis Pollney
  • Di-fu Shi
  • Denis Tramonte
  • Anthony Walters