As a strong partnership between South African and Chinese astronomy community, we are organizing the first South Africa-China bilateral workshop, entitled “Cosmology with large surveys”, which is scheduled to be held between 19th to 27th November, 2016, in Durban, South Africa. We aim to bring together all relevant astronomers and cosmologists in South Africa and China, especially in the field of large-scale structure of the Universe, radio and optical astronomy to discuss science, new technological developments, and prospective collaborations. We also encourage young scientists to be involved in this conference.

Scientific topics that aim to be covered in this conference are:

  • Large-Scale structure of the Universe
  • Baryon Acoustic Oscillation and Dark Energy
  • 21cm, First structure formation, Epoch of Reionizatoin
  • Galaxy formation and evolution
  • Computational Astrophysics
  • Fast Radio Burst
  • Cosmic Microwave Background radiation, early Universe
  • Dark Matter detection
  • Dynamics of Galaxies
  • Active Galactic Nuclei, Black hole accretion
  • Galactic Centre and Local Group dynamics
  • Big Data Challenge for Astrophysics
  • Gravitational Waves and the radio/optical follow-up

Public Talk Evening [Monday, 21st November 2016: 18:30, Protea Hotel Umhlanga Rocks]