Research Interests

My broad research interest is in aspects of Theoretical Astrophysics, Classical General Relativity, Modified GR and Cosmology.

Compact Stars

  • Quark and Nuclear Matter Equation of State
  • Stellar Rotation and Pulsations
  • Quasiperiodic Oscillations in compact stars
  • Effect of charge in compact stars
  • Effect of strong magnetic field in compact stars
  • Gravitation

  • Exact Solutions in GR
  • Modified gravity with scalar fields applied to strong gravity regime
  • f(R) gravity applied to strong gravity regime
  • Torsion and Einstein-Cartan theory
  • Cosmology

  • CMB power spectrum estimation for thermal and polarised signals and systematic effects
  • General study on inflation and non-gaussianity
  • Present Students and Postdocs

  • Dr Radouane Gannouji (Postdoc)

  • Ms Annapurna Hazra (PhD)
  • Mr Apratim Ganguly (PhD)
  • Mr Fidy A Ramamonjisoa (PhD)
  • Mr Jefta Sunzu (PhD)
  • Mr Pedro Mafa Takisa (PhD)
  • Mr Sifiso A Ngubelanga (PhD)
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