The final programme appears below. Note that all contributed and Flash Talks appear in the slot indicated. There shall be 4 BREAKOUT Zoom rooms on the main Zoom site.  The Zoom details for the main room will be sent via email to all registered participants before Monday 9 August 2021. When Contributed talk speakers or interested persons enter, they may choose to enter Rooms 1, 2, 3 or 4 as indicated below. It will the become easy to transfer from one room to the next.

Please note that times mentioned are South African Standard Time that corresponds to GMT + 2.

Gravitex2021-Abstracts (as at 4 August 2021)


Monday 9 August
09:00 Welcome:  Zoom room opens at 08h30 for participants. At 09h00 we will have a conference opening address by the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research) of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Prof Abdool-Karrim (FRS) is a world leader in epidemiological research and is at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic in South Africa and at the WHO. He has a string of international awards and most recently was awarded the John Maddox Prize for 2020 jointly with Dr Anthony Fauci of the USA. In addition to his role at UKZN, Salim holds a joint appointment at Columbia University in New York. In his opening remarks he will make general remarks on Science and specific remarks on  the global pandemic.

Chair: Roy Maartens
09:15 Plenary 1 George Ellis  (FRS) A brief history of the golden age of research on general relativity
10:15 Plenary 2 Nick Kaiser  (FRS) The History of Gravitational Lensing in Cosmology 
11:00 Tea

Chair: Martin Bucher
11:15 Plenary 3 Claudia de Rham  Cosmology under the Gravitational Rainbow
12:00 Plenary 4 Andrew Tolley Massive gravity, Galileons and Scalar gravitational radiation
12:45 Lunch

Chair: Sunil Maharaj
13:15 Plenary 5 Naresh Dadhich  Buchdahl Compact Sphere: Gravitational Field energy and Escape Velocity
14:00 Plenary 6 Luis Herrera  Hyperbolically symmetric self-gravitating systems
14:45 Plenary 7 Salvatore Capozziello  Non-local gravity cosmology
15:30 Tea
15:45 Contributed Talks Breakout Rooms
17:15 End

Tuesday 10 August
09h00 Start

Chair: Muhammad Sharif
09h15 Plenary 8 Francisco Lobo  Beyond Einstein’s General Relativity: Hybrid metric-Palatini gravity
10h00 Plenary 9 Tjonnie Li  Status and Prospects for Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics
10h45 Tea

Chair: Sergey Chervon
11h00 Plenary 10 Martin Bucher Bell’s Rocket Problem, Dark Energy, and Solids in General Relativity
11h45 Plenary 11 Alexei Starobinsky Bianchi-I type anisotropic cosmological models in Horndeski gravity
12h30 Lunch

Chair: Aroon Beesham
13h00 Plenary 12 Sushant Ghosh  Testing modified theories of gravity using black holes shadow
13h45 Plenary 13 Amanda Weltman What we can learn from a growing sample of Fast Radio Bursts : a theorist’s wishlist
14h30 Plenary 14 Latham Boyle The two-sheeted universe, CPT, analyticity and the arrow of time
15h15 Tea
15h30 Contributed Talks Breakout Rooms
17h00 End

Wednesday 11 August
09h00 Start

Chair: Yinzhe Ma
09h15 Plenary 15 Rong Gen Cai  No inner horizon theorem of black holes with charged scalar hairs and the number of black hole horizon with energy conditions
10h00 Plenary 16 Roy Maartens  Cosmological surveys with SKAO
10h45 Tea

Chair: Bikash Paul
11h00 Plenary 17 Jose Senovilla  Area deficits and gravitational energy
11h45 Plenary 18 Kavilan Moodley  Dark energy with HIRAX 21cm intensity mapping
12h30 Lunch

Chair: Sushant Ghosh
13h00 Plenary 19 Sergey Chervon  Chiral Self-Gravitating Models as Equivalent of f(R,(R)^2,(R) ) Modified Gravity
13h45 Plenary 20 Narayan Banerjee  Cosmology with kinematical quantities: the jerk parameter
14h30 Plenary 21 Alan Coley  Geometric Horizons
15h15 Tea
15h30 Contributed Talks Breakout Rooms
17h00 End

Thursday 12 August
09h00 Start

Chair: Moumita Aich
09h15 Plenary 22 Hideki Maeda  Quest for realistic non-singular black-hole geometries
10h00 Plenary 23 Sanjeev Dhurandhar The Syszygy between Hilbert and Space-based Detectors of Gravitational Waves
10h45 Tea

Chair: Kavilan Moodley
11h00 Plenary 24 Christian Boehmer  Modified theories of gravity – foundations and models
11h45 Plenary 25 Muhammad Sharif  Decoupled Compact Structures in Self-Interacting Brans-Dicke Theory
12h30 Plenary 26 Luciano Rezolla The first image of a black hole
13h15 Lunch


Note that contributed talks will be 15 minutes duration with a further 5 minutes allocated for introduction and questions. Speakers are requested to keep strictly to the time limit.  Flash Talks are 8 minutes duration and a further 2 minutes are allocated for introduction and questions. If speakers in a session do not arrive at the designated time, the Chair will call on the next speaker. If the original speaker arrives late, the talk may be accommodated after the last talk of the session on the discretion of the session Chair and provided that suitable time remains. In the event of connection problems, the Chair will bear with the speaker for a few attempts but if it is felt that more time is needed for the speaker to correct the connection issue, the Chair may suspend the talk temporarily and invite the next speaker. The original speaker may speak at the end if time remains and the connection issue is solved.

ZOOM room details appear below.

Monday 9 August 2021

Room 1

Matt Hilton

Room 2

Ritu Goswami

Room 3

Moumita Aich

Room 4

Gareth Amery

Praveen Kumar Dhankar Yin-Zhe Ma Gopikant Goswami Adrian Chung
Warren Naidoo Gabriel  W. Joseph Elham Ghorani Susmita Jana
Pankaj Kumar Bivudutta Mishra Paolo Cremonese Parbati Sahoo
Hemza Azri Sebast¡an Najera Valencia Wei-Ming Dai Louis Perenon

Tuesday 10 August 2021

Room 1

Robert Bogadi

Room 2

Byron Brassel

Room 3

Parbati Sahoo

Room 4

Amare Abbebe

Bertha Cuadros-Melgar Dmitry Bushuev Sanjay Mandal Pradyumn Sahoo
Rajesh Kumar Dubey Sagar Dey Durmus Demir Mikhail Khlopunov
Cecilia Nagy Ahmad Borzou Gopikant Goswami Bikash Chandra Paul
Shafqat Ul Islam Siddheshwar Kadam Simran Arora Misba Afrin

Wednesday 11 August 2021

Room 1

Ali Ovgun

Room 2 (Flash)

PK Sahoo

Room 3 (Flash)

Sne Sikhosana

Room 4 (Flash)

Vijay Singh

Gareth Amery Chevarra Hansraj Shobhit Giri Uma Papnoi
Nikodem Poplawski Cecilia Nagy Syed Naqvi Amarkumar Agrawal
Byron Brassel Aleksei Nikolaev Busra Cicek Shubham Kala
Ranjan Sharma Anirban Chanda Samuel Barroso  Bellido Santosh Lohakare
Gabriel Joseph


Wei-Ming Dai Reconciling Hubble Constant Discrepancy – from Holographic Dark Energy
Cecilia Nagy Spherically symmetric, static black holes in nonminimally coupled k-essence theory
Bikash Chandra Paul Emergent Universe with Non-linear Equation in $D geq 4$
Misba Afrin Shadow cast by rotating black holes with a cosmological const
Parbati Sahoo Traversable wormholes in the traceless f(R; T ) gravity
Yin-Zhe Ma How much primordial tensor perturbation is allowed?
Praveen Kumar Dhankar Entropy corrected interacting holographic dark energy model with extended Chaplygin gas in higher dimension
Dmitry Bushuev Womholes in Palatini kinetic theory
Sagar Dey Gravastars model under the framework of Rastall gravity
Gareth Amery Some applications of local isometric embeddings.
Warren Naidoo Constraining dark energy and modified gravity models with HIRAX and combined large-scale structure surveys.
Pankaj Kumar Inflation with logarithmic scalar field in Brans-Dicke theory
Sebastian Najera Valencia Pancakes as opposed to Swiss Cheese
Ahmad Borzou A Non-Geometrodynamic Quantum Yang-Mills Theory of Gravity Based on the Homogeneous Lorentz Group
Adrian Chung Searching for ultralight bosons with supermassive black hole ringdown
Gabriel W. Joseph Cosmology with variable G and nonlinear electrodynamics
Susmita Jana Constraints on the non-minimal coupling of Electromagnetic fields from astrophysical observations
Bivudutta Mishra Stability analysis of two-fluid dark energy models
Ayan Banerjee Quark stars in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet Theory
Siddheshwar Kadam Late time cosmic acceleration in f (T, B) gravity.
Gopikant Goswami FLRW Accelerating cosmological models
Elham Ghorani On the initial singularity in Kantowski-Sachs spacetime
Sanjay Mandal Stability analysis of viscous fluid models in f (Q) gravity
Durmus Demir Gravitational Naturalization of Effective Field Theories
Srija Chakraborty Exploring supermassive blackholes with LISA
Byron Brassel Radiating stars with composite matter distributions
Simran Arora Constraining f (Q, T) gravity from energy conditions
Ranjan Sharma Electromagnetic and anisotropic extension of Buchdahl bound
Paolo Cremonese Breaking the mass-sheet degeneracy with gravitational wave interference in lensed events
Louis Perenon Multitasking the growth of structures
Bertha Cuadros-Melgar Black hole quasinormal frequencies and shadow radius correspondence
Hemza Azri Nonadiabatic perturbations during affine inflation
Rajesh Kumar Dubey Hubble’s Constant and Hubble Tension with Signals from GW170817 Standard Siren and GW190814 Dark Siren
Pradyumn Sahoo Energy conditions in modified f(Q) gravity
Mikhail Khlopunov Five-dimensional gravitational waves from the binary system on a three-brane

Nikodem Poplawski Universe in a black hole with spin and torsion

Shafqat Ul Islam Deflection of light in strong field limit by Bardeen black hole in novel $4D$ EGB gravity

ACCEPTED FLASH TALKS (8 min + 2 min; 3 slides)

Chevarra Hansraj Semi-tetrad decomposition of spacetime with conformal symmetry
Cecilia Nagy Can high frequency gravitational waves modify the Vainshtein mechanism?
Aleksei Nikolaev Universal cosmological solutions in Lovelock gravity
Anirban Chanda Wormholes satisfying NEC in f(R,T) Modified Gravity
Shubham Kala Optical properties of a regular rotating black hole in non-minimally coupled Einstein-Yang-Mills theory in the presence of plasma
Shobhit Giri The Geodesics Stability and Quasinormal Modes of a Non-Commutative Schwarzschild Black Hole by Employing Lyapunov Exponent
Syed Naqvi Freely falling bodies in standing wave spacetime
Busra Cicek The Relationship of Virial Theorem with Physics Problems: A Literature Review
Samuel Barroso Bellido Entanglement Entropy at Critical Point in the Multiverse

Amarkumar Agrawal Bouncing cosmology in extended gravity and its reconstruction as dark energy model

Uma Papnoi Shadow of charged rotating black hole surrounded by perfect fluid dark matter
Priyanka Giri Cold aberrations and locking of Central Interferometer of Advanced Virgo+
Santosh Lohakare F(R G) Gravity Cosmological Model with Variable Deceleration Parameter

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Room 3:
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